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Western Red Cedar


Western Red Cedar possess unique traits that make it ideal for many applications. We here in the northwest know all about the wet weather and have learned to live with it, so has Western Red Cedar. That is why quite often you will find it in use as siding, roofing, and decking. But it doesn't stop there, Western Red Cedar comes inside your home as well in the shape of ceiling, paneling, and other areas of interior finish. 

Scientific Name: Thuja plicata

Distribution: Pacific Northwest and along the Pacific Coast to Alaska.

Wood Description: Generally straight grained, with a uniform but rather coarse texture.

Sapwood: Nearly white, narrow, often not over 1" wide.

Heartwood: Reddish or pinkish brown to dull brown.

Durability: Excellent durability for a softwood specie.

Common Uses: Used principally for decking, shingles, lumber, posts, poles and piles. The lumber is used for exterior siding, interior finish, greenhouse construction, ship and boat building, boxes, crates, sash, doors and millwork. WRC